What a sad night

So this week as been super crappy. On top of the crappiness, I haven't even cooked or baked anything at all. Our dinners this week have been hamburger helper (oh wait, I did make some whole wheat honey drop biscuits to go along with it), breakfast for dinner, healthy choice soup, a lean cuisine, and tonight bowl of hot cereal.

So tonight I got back from the gym and was really in the mood to bake something. My plan was to bake the best chocolate chip cookies ever and bring them to my coworker for her birthday.
I opened my cabinet with all my baking things and realized I didn't have enough brown sugar or chocolate chips. :( I was sad. I stocked up on everything before Christmas and haven't had to buy baking supplies in forever. So then I thought I would give the chocogasm cookies another shot, only to realize I had to let them refrigerate for a while and since it was after 6 I didn't want to wait. Then I thought I would make Peaunt -Peanut Butter cookies but wait, we didn't have enough peanut butter. Very, very sad.

Now, what does a girl do when she can't bake anything and is really sad? Eat 2 big ole spoonfuls of peanut butter with chocolate chips. Yum!

I'll have to hit the store tomorrow after work and stock up and get bakin and cookin'.

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Sarah said...

When I don't have enough of certain baking ingredients, I usually turn to snickerdoodles. They are my go-to cookie when I need somthing sweet and need to bake.