Take me back to yesteryear...

I know this isn't exactly blog-worthy. If my blog was called Simply Gourmet, you wouldn't be reading about it right now. However, I felt i had to include it for 2 reasons:

1) It reminds me of my favorite Lenten Friday meal growing up.
2) My blog is called Simply Tasty and this is both, Simple and Tasty.

Lets talk about reason 1 first. Being catholic, I don't eat meat on Friday's during lent. I hated this growing up because so often that meant fish sticks. I hate fish, actually I won't eat anything that lives in the water. One Friday meal I loved was bagel pizzas. How cool is making your own mini pizza on a bagel when you're a kid? I loved it. This is the slightly more adult version of that (notice I said slightly).

Reason 2 - If slapping some Ragu, Kraft shredded cheese and veggies on a pita isn't good enough for you, you could always making your own sauce, make your own dough and shred the cheese to make this more more extravagant. However, my time is quite constrained lately. Ragu, Kraft, Pita, and Veggies work for me.

Without further adu, I give you.....

Veggie Pita Pizza

1 Pita
Tomato/pizza/spaghetti sauce of your choice
Chopped veggies of your choice( I like red and green peppers, onion, zucchini, and broccoli)
1/2 tsp minced garlic shredded cheese of your choice

1) Line cookie sheet with parchment paper
2) Place pita on parchment paper, spread sauce on pita. Sprinkle shredded cheese to taste.
3) Saute veggies in olive oil for 3 -5 min.
4) Sprinkle veggies on cheese
5) Bake pita pizza for 7 - 10 min @ 425 depending on desired crispiness.


Anonymous said...
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Sophie said...

I've always been the type to use english muffins if i'm too lazy to bake the dough in our breadmaker, but pitas are a really cool idea! I'll definitely keep this in mind :). Thanks for the idea :).

Nice meeting you!

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