I know I haven't posted in a while, but work and school are absolutely kicking my butt. The past two weeks have been the "whydidIdecidedtogobacktoshcoolthisuscks" type of weeks. Anywho, the Spectacular Nemmie was recently tagged for a meme and she decided to tag the KC gals. . Sarah (who is also spectacular!) tagged me months ago, but I never played along, so I need to throw in a few extras for her too. I love meme's with pictures so I threw some of those in too. Here goes.....

Some Things You Might Not Know About Me

1) The first meal I ever cooked for my husband (then boyfriend) consisted of Lasagna Hamburger Helper, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, and a Salad. We had strawberries and Cool Whip for dessert. He even bragged to his friends about how great I was because of it! hahahaha! In college, this became the staple meal of our relationship.

2) The night DH proposed our meal consisted of the above minus the salad + a can of cream corn. Romantic - Nope, not one bit. It was very fitting though since that was "our meal" in college. (Note: I'm very happy HH isn't a staple in our diet anymore)

3) I lived with the same roommates all through college. I don't know of anyone else who had the same roommates for 4 years. We had a blast. I miss those times so much.

4) I LOVE cheerleading. I cheered in high school and college. In College we went to the National Championships my Sophomore Year and Senior Year. I would love to relive those weeks. Someone found a mullet wig that we would sport during the games, here is me modeling the wig.

5) I played powder puff every year in college, I was a corner. My junior year I went to intercept the ball, a prefect spiral. In stead of catching with my hands, that perfect spiral hit me directly in the eye and I had a nice shiner. You can't really see it too well, but here are some pics of it...

6) I used to want to work for CNN. I was going to have a tailor made major of Political Communications. (I was a poli-sci major, thanks to my advisor not letting me take Ed classes early enough!) My senior year of college I was supposed to have an internship at a TV station, but I got in an accident and totaled my car. Sine I went to school in Smalltown, KS, the closest TV Stations were 45 - 60 mins away. With no car, I had no way to get there. One of my teachers had a contact at CNN and he said he could get me in there the summer after I graduated. I didn't want to be that far from M, so I turned it down. I often wonder what life would have been like if I wouldn't have turned it down.

7) The only time I've ever been out of the country is last year on our honeymoon to Jamaica. Ya, Mon. I want to visit Germany and Poland in the next 5 - 10 years. This pic is from our resort, it was heaven.

8) My brother and husband have the same name

9) I have an unhealthy (literally!) obsession with Hershey Kisses. Not the plain jane boring milk chocolate ones, but the Dark, Trio, and Caramel. The Trio are my absolute favorite. I have to eat at least 3 every day after lunch. I mean, come one, what’s not to love about a candy that has dark, white, and milk chocolate in one tasty bite. I also like the Peppermint, Hot Cocoa, (hubs fav) and Truffle. I had a bag of Coconut Cream in my hand the other day, but put it back when i realized I already had 3 bags of various flavors in the cart. I know there are better brands of chocolate out there, but I can afford this addiction!

Well folks, there you have it. Can you tell I miss my responsibility free days of college?!

I'm only going to Tag 4 people...

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running with scissors said...

Wait! You can't forget about the Cherry Cordial Kisses! Those are amazing!

Nemmie said...

I agree - the cherry cordial ones are ADDICTIVE :)

Thanks so much for posting the meme! And a wee secret for ya: I still sometimes make the Hamburger Helper. Yup.