A Candy Thermometer?

Who'd a thunk it. Ya need a candy thermometer to make candy. And why didn't I get one of these at one of my 3 bridal showers, specifically the recipe shower?

I was all set to make Toffee Butter Crunch this afternoon. I've been wanting to make it since last week but didn't have the nuts for it. (hahahah, I crack myself up) Last night I picked up some almonds at the store and this afternoon I set out all my ingredients, measure my chocolate and my sugar and then decide to read the directions. Well hell, I have to let the mixture get to a certain temp, let it boil, and then let it rise to another temp.

I guess I'll have to put this off for a little while longer. I just hope the chocolate pieces last....

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dahlias said...

Wow! Stace you are too good at keeping up with your blog! I know you have the thermometer...among other things...now so I am looking forward to your candy entry:)