May the Best Candidate Win

Well my friends, there is an important election going on this year. No, no, no, not that darn presidential election. (Shhhhh... don't tell... I have a bachelors degree in Political Science and have never voted.) I'm talking about The Race for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Just about 9 short months ago I discovered ATK's Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and came to the realization they were the best chocolate chip cookie ever. Hands down. Since that time I've seen many a blog posts about what people claim are the best chocolate chip cookies. I've never been tempted to make any of them until now.

A few months ago I found the blog Rookie Cookie and have blog stalked it ever since. When she posted her top secret recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies and I was very intrigued. A recipe so good that it has only been shared with a few people until now? Sign me up!

Cookie Face Off '08

On the left we have Thick and Chewy and on the right Rookie Cookie.

The biggest difference between the two: T&C uses melted butter, one egg, and one egg yolk. RC cuts back a bit on sugar and adds a package of instant vanilla pudding in hers. Both of these cookies are phenomenal.

What I observe from numerous taste tests...

Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Exactly what it says it is, thick and chewy. The cookie is soft but still has a nice crunch to it. It tastes like it came from a bakery.

Rookie Cookie's Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Super soft and melts in your mouth. These are so amazingly soft they remind me somewhat of Chewy Chips Ahoy. But, a homemade version. (I could devour a package of those bad boys in one sitting)

This was a tough race. I tried the dough for RC's cookies and was certain they would take the place of T&C's in my heart. But, I'm still in love with T&C. Don't get me wrong, RC is an amazing cookie, but my heart belongs to T&C. My husband on the other hand love, love, loved RC's recipe.

A house divided.

Such an important decision couldn't be left up to only two judges, so I brought these out with us on Labor Day and had some friends try them out. Everyone absolutely loved both cookies, but the favorite was the Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.

So my friends, the winner of this race is Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Believe me though, I will definitely be making Rookie Cookie's recipe again. Thanks Rookie Cookie for sharing your recipe with everyone :)

For the recipe for Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Click Here
For the recipe for the Rookie Cookie's Chocolate Chip Cookies Click Here

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